Here you can here the conversations between the ATC at Schiphol and the crew of flight IR764
(Iran Air) on October 21st 1999 recorded on my scanner PLUS a picture of the Airbus A300
during take off taken on that same day.

"Iran Air 764 ... Good afternoon, you're cleared to Teheran on
ARNEM-departure; runway 09, squawk 0155."

Flight IR764 is told by Schiphol Delivery they are cleared to Teheran on
ARNEM-departure (standard instrument departure via radarfixes
via runway 09. And they have to set their transponder to code 0155.

"Cleared to Teheran, ARNEM-Departure, 09, 0155."
Flight IR764 repeats the message in acknowledgement.

"Iran Air 764 is correct, report ready on this."
Schiphol Delivery affirms the message and tells flight IR764 to contact
her (on this frequency) when they're ready for departure.

"We are ready ... We are full ready now."
Flight IR764 says they've already completed their checklist.

"Is copied Iran Air 764 ... stand by for startup due to slot time."
Schiphol Delivery acknowledges the message and tells flight IR764 to stand
by for startup, because the slot time (the time an aircraft is supposed to be airborne)
had not been reached yet.

"Delivery ... Iran Air 764 could you give me the slot time please?"
Flight IR764 asks Schiphol Delivery to tell them their slot time.

"Iran Air 764 your slot time is 55.
Schiphol Delivery tells flight IR764 that their slot time is 16:55 hrs.
(They had about an hour delay).

"Apron ... Iran Air 764 good after...
Flight IR764 wants to report at ground control, but is interrupted by ground control.

"Iran Air 764 stand by, you're number two to push overthere. Watch the traffic behind.
I will give you a call.

Ground Control tells flight IR764 to wait until they're next in line for pushback and to watch
the traffic behind them. Ground will contact flight IR764 when they're next in line.

"Thank you my son."
Flight IR764 thanks ground control for the effort and awaits further instructions.

"Iran Air 764 ...?"
Ground Control contacts flight IR764.

"764... go ahead now."
Flight IR764 tells ground control to go ahead.

"Tell groundcrew to make pushback in entry 12 alfa, pushback approved."
Ground Control instructs flight IR764 to tell groundcrew to push the aircraft backwards
into that particular entry on the apron. He adds for good measure that the pushback is approved.

"Entry 12 alfa ... 764 copied ... pushback."
Flight IR764 repeats the message in acknowledgement.

"Iran Air 764 ... you're going backwards now?"
Ground Control asks if flight IR764 is already being pushed back.

"Just about ... just about sir. 764.
Flight IR764 tells ground control that they're almost being pushed back.

"OK. In the meantime we have been changing runways.
It will be 01L with Pampus-departure, Iran Air 764.

Ground Control tells flight IR764 that they have changed runway 09
with Arnhem-departure into runway 01L with Pampus-departure due to
wind change.

IR764: "Roger. 01L."
Ground: "Correct, with Pampus-departure."
IR764: "Roger."

Flight IR764 affirms the change of runways after which ground control
repeats the departure route.

"Iran Air 764 requesting taxi to 01L."
Flight IR764 asks ground for permission to taxi to runway 01L.

"Iran Air 764 follow Northwest to 01L."
Ground control tells flight IR764 to follow Northwest Airlines Boeing 747-200,
flight NW55, who was given the instruction to taxi to runway 01L via outer track.
(You can hear this on the section about the Northwest Airlines 55 departure)

"Follow Northwest to 01L. 764."
Again flight IR764 repeats the message in acknowledgement.

"Iran Air 764 contact ..."
Ground Control tells flight IR764 to change to tower frequency on 118.1 Mhz.
(That last part is missing, because my scanner lost power for a brief moment.)

"Tower ... Iran Air 764. Good afternoon."
Flight IR764 contacts Schiphol Tower.

"Iran Air 764 line up in sequence 01L."
Schiphol Tower tells flight IR764 to take its place in the queue of aircraft
waiting for take off from runway 01L.

"In sequence. Line up 01L. 764."
Again flight IR764 repeats the message in acknowledgement.

"Iran Air 764, the wind is 070 at 19 knots. Cleared for take off runway 01L."
Schiphol Tower gives flight IR764 wind information so that they can take that into
account during take off. The wind is coming from East-North-East (90 degrees is
directly East) with a speed of 19 knots, which is about 35 km/h.

"Cleared take off runway 01L Iran Air 764."
Flight IR764 affirms its take off clearance.

Here's the actual picture of the A300 taking off

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