Some information about me

Name : Olf Poldermans
Age : 22 Yrs.
Date Of Birth : 17th of January 1979
Hometown : Eindhoven
Nationality : Dutch
Favourite Music : Oasis, Robbie Williams, Trance + most of the Top40 hits
Hobbies : Flying, Spotting and IRC chatting on #Cafeetje Dutch-only site
Daily Activity : I'm a Certified Flight Instructor at Naples Air Center

Spotting :

Mostly at Schiphol, but I've been to Brussels, Düsseldorf and Paris as well. I've also been to Eindhoven Airport a few times, but that's definitely not as satisfying as Schiphol.

Scanner :

Uniden Bearcat 230 XLT handheld scanner

Additional Information :

I've been up for a selection of the Nationale Luchtvaart School (NLS), but sadly I got rejected at the last moment, because I was totally unprepared. The flight technical part went ok, but the interview went bollocks, because of me being unprepared. I got a chance to get a second opinion in the form of a Psychological Test, but they said I didn't have enough leadership-qualities, but I was only 19 at that time.

I tried to study Information Technology, but after a year I quit, because it wasn't what I wanted. I wanted to fly! I worked as a courier for "Van Hout Koeriers" in Eindhoven for just over a year and then I had enough money saved for the International Aviation Center (IAC) , which has its selection in Amersfoort and the practical part of the training in the US. At the Aviation Career Academy in Lakeland, Florida. I got help with the selection from my ICQ friend, Dave Wester, who's a pilot at KLM Cityhopper on a Fokker 50 and some other people including a First Officer of a Boeing 737 at Transavia.

I did my Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot and CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) licenses in Lakeland, Florida and at the moment I'm working in Naples, Florida as a CFI for Naples Air Center And that, together with my 200 hours of turbine powererd multi engine at AmeriFlight should be enough to apply for a job as an MEI and get enough flying hours to apply at a major airline. But that's only in a few years, because I'm still stuck in America.

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Various pictures of me