This is the links section. You can go to a link by either click
on the text or click on the 'landing lights-button'. Enjoy.
Homepage of my current employer.
The school where I did my training. I'd recommend going to Naples, though.
Good site with a database for pilots applying and airlines hiring.

Carlo Bijl dot com
Website of a classmate of mine, Carlo Bijl. He was also in Lakeland at
ACA learning to be a pilot.

PRRuNe (Professional Pilots Rumour Network)
A bulletin board for pilots, student pilots and wannabe's.

Piloten Bulletin Board Dutch-only site
A bulletin board for pilots, student pilots and wannabe's.
Kinda like PPRuNe, only in Dutch.

New York JFK ATC
Live ATC from New York JFK Airport.

Chicago Illinois ATC
Live ATC of different airports in the Chicago Area.

Zurich Airport Web Cam
GREAT site with a webcam situated at Zurich Airport.
Various positions, e.g. : Tower, runways, terminals etc.
You can control the webcams direction and zoom yourself!
A "Must See" for the real aviation enthousiast!!
A link to a GREAT site if you like pictures of airplanes.
I have three pictures there myself.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
A link to the homepage of the Dutch National Airport :
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.
Contains some info about Schiphol and flight data as well.

Scramble on Internet
Site from the monthly magazine "Scramble". Lots of very useful
information about spotting in The Netherlands.

Luchtvaart Hobby Shop
Site about Europe's biggest aviation store, located in Aalsmeer.
Product information and online shop.
Site about my personal aviation stuff supply store in Eindhoven.
Aalsmeer is too far for me. Again product information and online shop.

Planet Izzy
Homepage of an ICQ friend of mine, Iskander Hannivoort, who's also
an aviation enthusiast. He's been lucky enough to be hired at Transavia
(and skill as well of course).

Timon's Vliegtuigen Page Dutch-only site
Another aviation enthusiast like myself. Pictures, Sounds
and links. Site is about both NATO and civilian planes.

Non-aviation related links :

The Hills 4 Ever
A link to a Damon Hill fansite. Cas is my cousin and I'm also
a Damon fan.

Webster's homepage
A link to the site of my ICQ friend Dave Wester who made the landing
you see on video's

#Cafeetje's Homepage Dutch-only site
Homepage of my favourite IRC chat channel.
I spend a lot of time here.

Theetjes Place
A link to an IRC friend of mine who's helped me with some
HTML aspects. Lot's of links to lots of stuff

James' WWW Site
A link to the site of my IRC friend, Canfield, with lots of stuff.
He's also an aviation enthusiast.