Here you can see a video of the landing of a Fokker50 from KLM Cityhopper, flown by
a friend I know from ICQ, Dave Wester aka Webster.

See Sounds to hear the ATC conversation and to see the pictures.

Dave Wester landing the F50 on 19R
Fokker 50 of KLC landing on 19R

It's still a bit large, but at least it's online now. Please be patient, I'm still
working on a smaller version (this one is 5,4 MB which is a bit large).
Special thanks to Andre Ouwehand aka Prisma for converting the video into .mpg format.

More video's coming soon (including one the Air UK F100 aborted take off ).

Another video, except, this one's not made by me. I got it from the
internet from someone. Thought it would look nice here. Enjoy.

Download the video
Jetblast in its worst form